Above: VCR 711E Kally 53H - daughter of 711E
She sells on the 2020 Valley Girls Online Sale
Left: VCR 2504 Sensuous 601D - Full sister to 711E
She was the lead heifer in the 2017 Champion Pen of Heifers at the NWSS

Right: VCR 2504 Miss Vibrant 855F ET - Full sister to 711E
She was the lead heifer in the 2019 Pen of Heifers at the NWSS

VCR 2504 Convenience 711E

Reg. #P43852940 • Polled Hereford • Calved February 6, 2017

Sire: UPS Sensation 2504 ET

Dam: VCR 993W Ruby 413B

Pedigree Link
Video link

Convenience was a crowd favorite while on display in the yards in Denver, and was second in his class in the hill bull show. He puts together two of our favorite cow families on the top and bottom side of his pedigree. He was only the second natural calf out of his young dam, 413B, and after seeing him and his full sister, we decided it was a no-brainer to put 413B into the ET program here at the ranch.

We believe this bull checks all of the boxes when it comes to his complete design, stout muscle pattern and soundness on the move. He also provides a balanced EPD profile with outstanding numbers in BW, Calving ease, Udder Scores, Sustained Cow Fertility and Scortal measurements. As a yearling, his scrotal measured 41 cm.

We used him heavily again this year on our cow herd, and are excited to see third calf crop.

Bred & Owned by: Valley Creek Ranch

Semen: $25 unit/$75 certificate
Call Scott for Semen or to purchase an interest in the bull.


UPS Sensation 2504 ET

Reg.#43347360 • Hereford • Calved August 8, 2012

Sire: Churchill Sensation 028X

Dam: NJW BW Ladysport Dew 78P ET

Pedigree Link

Semen: Contact Scott McGee for semen cell: 402-300-2659

  • Sensation 2504 - Combination of Power and Pedigree
  •  He excels in all the relevant traits of beef production - calving ease, growth, maternal and end product merit
  •  He puts calving ease, disposition, length of spine, depth of body, agility and muscle into a complete package
  •  His dam, Ladysport Dew 78P, is one of the most prolific, high earning donor females in the breed

This bull needs no introductions! Carlee Meeks has showed him many times in 2014, bringing home some purple banners. He was named Supreme Champion Bull at the Nebraska State Fair to wrap up his show career. 2504 mixes the calving ease, vigor and growth potential of Churchill Sensation, with the powerfully made Ladysport Dew cow family from Ward's cow herd. The udders in his pedigree are flawless, and he is producing daughters with beautiful udders that milk! We can't get enough of these 2504 daughters. They are really doing a great job, and are good young mama cows.

Bred by: Upstream Ranch, Taylor, NE
Owned by: Valley Creek Ranch, Fairbury, NE; Ernst Herefords, Winsor, CO and Upstream Ranch, Taylor, NE

For Video Link:

Video Link:

Bred by: Delaney Herefords, Lake Benton, MN
Owned by: Valley Creek Ranch, Fairbury, NE

KJ 804P Margo 426T - Dam of Vincent
VCR 993W Ultimate 236Z - Sired by Vincent


Reg.#P43022683 • Hereford • deceased

Sire: KJ 597N Vincent 463T [DLF, IEF] 

Dam: KJ 804P MARGO 426T (P42833345)

EPD’S: CED+1.5 BW+3.0 WW+50 YW+84 MM+23 M+G+48 CEM+1.6SC+1.7 FAT+ -0.004 REA+.36 IMF.01

Semen: $20 unit/$60 certificate

We bought Vincent as a yearling calf to breed our yearling heifers. After seeing his first calf crop in 2011, Vincent got to breed a lot more than just heifers this year. The calves are coming really nice, and we have been quite pleased with his first and second calf crops. He was out breeding fall cows, and I was able to catch him in a pose with my phone for this picture. As you can see, for running with so many cows in the last 12 months, he is definately an easy keeping, athletic bull. Vincent's mother was one of the feature lots in the KJ sale, and sold to Hoffman Herefords in Thedford, NE. We are proud to own her first calf, and think this cow family has a great future. Many of the best cows in our herd go back to Vincent on the top or bottom side of their pedigree. We used him heavily for several years before he wold to Schutte & Sons.

Bred by: Jensen Brothers, Courtland, KS
Owned by: Valley Creek Ranch, Fairbury, NE & Schutte& Sons, Guide Rock, NE

VCR 26U Jackpot 18X - Sired by Cracker Jack

AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U

Registration #: P42924297
Tattoo #: 26U

A 19D x Violet son, Cracker Jack is a smooth polled, moderate framed bull with lots of pigment. He is a bull with style and lots of eye appeal! He boasts a thick top and visible muscle definition. Cracker Jack will produce fancy show heifers that will go on to be great cows in any herd. His calves on the ground have met our expectations and then some.

The Cracker Jack daughters make phenominal cows.


VCR 724 Jade 135Y- spring heifer calf of out Jed
She sold at the NCC - Kearney, February 22
, 2012

CRR 28P Jed 724

Reg.# 42797542 • Hereford • Calved February 19, 2007• deceased

Sire: NJW 120J Boulder 28P ET
Dam: NJW 1K Ann 119M

EPD’S: CED+1.2 BW+2.9 WW+42 YW+71 MM+15 M+G+36 CEM+2.2 SC+.4 FAT+.012 REA+.44 IMF-.08.

Semen: $20 unit/$60 certificate

We found Jed on a trip to Colorado, and boy was that a worth while trip. Jed is out of a standout cow from Ned and Jan Ward's herd, and a really good Boulder son. We have very high expectations of this young sire. He is complete out-cross for us, and has the style, correctness, performance and markings we are looking for.

Bred by: Coyote Ridge Ranch, Lasalle, CO
Owned by: Valley Creek Ranch, Fairbury, NE


VCR 12R Sheila 720T
Sired by Outback

S&S Outback 12R

Reg. #P42606988 • Hereford • Calved March 13, 2005 • deceased

EPD’S: CED+1.8 BW+1.6 WW+34 YW+55 MM+11 M+G+27 CEM-.1 SC+.9 FAT+.022 REA+.25 IMF-.05.

Semen: $25 unit/$60 certificate

12R was the high selling bull in the 2006 Schutte and Sons sale. An outstanding son of the ever popular Australian bred bull Allendale Robin Hood. Outback’s dam is one of Schutte’s top Kodiak daughters and is also a Dam of Distinction. He has the style, correctness, performance and markings we are looking for. His first three calf crops have proven him as a multipurpose sire. He works on heifers or cows, and really puts pigment, muscle and style in his calves. One of our prolific donors 720T is out of Outback.

Bred by: Schutte & Sons
Co-owned with: Stillwatter One, Lawerence, NE, and Schutte & Sons, Guide Rock, NE

For Semem contact: Scott McGee 402.300.2659


VCR 525R Olivia 814U
Sired by Auditor

VCR DPH Auditor 525R

Reg. #P42611486 • Hereford • Calved April 15, 2005 • deceased

EPD’S CED+.7 BW+4.0 WW+61 YW+95 MM+18 M+G+49 CEM+3.4 SC+1.0 FAT+.018 REA+.49 IMF+.06.

Semen: $20 unit/$50 certificate

Auditor is sired by our reference sire VCR Redman 214M. Auditor’s dam is a daughter of two time national champion Remitall Online 122L, and she is becoming one of our highest performing young cows. Auditor's full sister calved this spring, and has a tremendous udder and a great heifer calf at side. 525R is wide based, stout, structurally sound, and possess excellent EPD’S and carcass traits.

Bred by: Valley Creek Ranch
Co-owned with: Dana Polled Herefords, Red Cloud, NE

For Semem contact: Scott McGee 402.300.2659



VCR Miss Desire 609S
Sired by Goldstrike

VCR Gold Strike 310N

Reg. #42408042 • Hereford • Calved February 13, 2003• deceased

EPD’S: CED-7.5 BW+7.2 WW+50 YW+83 MM+20 M+G+45 CEM-2.7 SC+1.0 FAT+.006 REA+.51 IMF-.08

Semen: $20 unit/$50 certificate

Gold Strike was the Champion Hereford Bull and a crowd favorite in the Supreme Row at the 2004 Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic. Breeders, if you are striving to produce profitable black baldies or powerful Hereford show steers and heifers, Gold Strike is the bull to use. Gold Strike possesses the soundness, stoutness, ample bone, tremendous hair, and the easy-fleshing ability that is needed in today’s beef industry. This powerfully constructed Hereford bull comes from two individuals that don’t miss. His dam, VCR Miss Nikita 709G, was National Champion Cow/Calf pair at the Polled Hereford Jr. National in 1999. His sire, C-S Pure Gold 98170, had a successful show career and has proven to be one of the most prolific bulls in the Hereford breed. The females out of Gold Strike made great cows.

Bred by: Valley Creek Ranch
Co-owned with: Milldale Ranch, Inc., North Platte, NE

For Semem contact: Scott McGee 402.300.2659



VCR Hampton 628S
Sired by 417L

KJ 520E Victor 417L

Reg. #42161422 • Polled Hereford • Calved March 23, 2001• deceased

Semen: $20 unit/$50 certificate

417L has proven himself as a sire with that can produce sound, stout, functional cattle, with both heifer and bull calves being equally great. He has been proven to work on first calf heifers or older females. 417L is the sire of VCR 417L Hampton 628S (pictured left), who was the Champion Horned Bull at the 2008 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic. KJ BJ Bounty Hunter 741P who was Champion Horned bull in Reno, Ft. Worth and calf champion in Denver in the 2004-2005 winter show season is also out of 417L. 417L's dam SPH VCR Miss Vickie 520E is one of the great donor cows in the Hereford breed, and only gets better with age. 417L will add pigment, milking ability and depth of rib to any mating. 417L is a full brother to KJ 520E Valentina 380L and a full brother is owned by the Barber Ranch, sired the 2003 Junior National Hereford Expo Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Heifer, as well as the Champion Polled Steer in Houston. He also sired the Reserve Champion Steer at the 2005 Hereford Junior National.

Co-owned: with Jensen Brothers and Niedermeyer Farms
For semen, contact: Scott McGee 402.300.2659



VCR East Kodiak 506E

Reg. #23837068 • Polled Hereford • Calved January 29, 1995 • deceased

Semen: $25 unit/$60 certificate

Kodiak was the high selling Polled Hereford bull at the 1996 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic, and became an elite herd sire for Alfred Schutte and Sons. During his tenure at the Schuttes, he sired S&S Basic 1G, 1999 National Champion Bull in Denver, and became a trait leader in WW, YW, SC and Ribeye Area for the Hereford breed. His full sister, VCR Miss Nikita 709G, was National Champion Cow/Calf pair at the Polled Hereford Jr. National in 1999. Kodiak has been a mainstay in the Valley Creek Ranch herd as well as the other owners. Most of the females in production here can be linked back to this great sire.

Bred by: Valley Creek Ranch
Owned by: VCR, Alfred Schutte and Sons, Guiderock, NE, Pelton Polled Herefords, Halliday, ND and Olsen Hereford Ranch, Argusville, ND

For Semem contact: Scott McGee 402.300.2659 or Ron Schutte 402.756.3462


Red Man

VCR 214M Sage 914W
Daughter of Red Man 214M

VCR Red Man 214M

Reg. #42294242 • Polled Hereford • Calved February 14, 2002• deceased

Semen: $20 unit/$50 certificate

Red Man is sired by the great Kodiak bull, and out of an outstanding Network daughter. Red Man's full sisters have been retained in the herd and have consistently produced some of our best calves every year. Red Man has also sired some outstanding females and bulls alike. We have a kept almost every female sired by Red Man, and we sure like the results we are getting. We bred him back to some older cows for our 2009 calf crop, and got some outstanding heifer calves that will be retained for replacements. He has proven as a heifer bull for us as well. Red Man is also the sire to VCR Auditor 525R. His eye appeal, structural soundness and pigment make him an easy choice for any herd.

Bred by: Valley Creek Ranch
Co-owned with: Don Crays Family, Tobias, NE

For Semem contact: Scott McGee 402.300.2659 or Melissa McGee 402.239.9712